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Levittown: Expanding the American Dream
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General update - June 2018

Generally, I endeavour to update this archival website twice a year. First, around a month or two following the release of the Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey late January. Second, around October / November. [more]

Welcome to Performance Urban Planning

As a long term commercial development practitioner and former industry leader in New Zealand, I was approached by colleagues back in late 2004, expressing concern that the public was not being provided with sound structural information on the state of the urban housing markets within Australia and New Zealand. [more]

The Fathers of Affordable Housing

Following World War 11, after decades of earlier failed attempts by themselves and others, the Levitt brothers Bill and Alfred with their entrepreneurial genius, created the modern production construction industry we know today.

Levitt & Sons provided young single earner American families with annual household incomes of $US3,800, new starter homes for $US8,000 — 2.1 times annual household incomes. The mortgage required was 18% of the single earner annual household income.

We have paid a huge price for forgetting this history.

All involved with urban land use issues need to relearn it.

HOUSING: Up from the Potato Fields -Time 1950 Cover Story


For metropolitan areas to rate as 'affordable' and ensure that housing bubbles are not triggered, housing prices should not exceed three times gross annual household earnings. To allow this to occur, new starter housing of an acceptable quality to the purchasers, with associated commercial and industrial development, must be allowed to be provided on the urban fringes at 2.5 times the gross annual median household income of that urban market (refer Demographia Survey Schedules for guidance).

The critically important Development Ratios for this new fringe starter housing, should be 17 - 23% serviced lot / section cost - to balance the actual housing construction.

Ideally through a normal building cycle, the Median Multiple should move from a Floor Multiple of 2.3, through a Swing Multiple of 2.5 to a Ceiling Multiple of 2.7 - to ensure maximum stability and optimal medium and long term performance of the residential construction sector.

…November 2017…The new New Zealand Governments programme…

It's official: The Government is promising to remove Auckland's urban growth boundary as part of the legislative programme for this term…[read more]

Remove barriers that are stopping Auckland growing up and out Labour will remove the Auckland urban growth boundary and free up density controls. This will give Auckland more options to grow, as well as stopping landbankers profiteering and holding up development. New developments, both in Auckland and the rest of New Zealand, will be funded through innovative infrastructure bonds....[read more]

…March 2017…New Zealand's Planning Law (Resource Management Act) Amendments…then Opposition Paties cooperation…with extract Newsroom report by Bernard Hickey…

It is important too to understand the significance of the opposition political parties working together within the MMP environment…as illustrated with the RMA amendment legislation back in March (much the same with the HASHA legislation September 2016)…reported by Bernard Hickey of Newsroom soon after…[read more]

Just in case you missed it…

One curious coda to the RMA debate that concluded last week was that the Opposition parties plus ACT and United Future all voted again during the third reading debate for amendments that would have abolished Rural Urban Growth Boundaries and allowed the financing of infrastructure bonds paid for with targeted rates.

The amendments were defeated by National and the Maori Party.

The irony of a Government that has railed against restrictions on land development by councils voting against removing those restrictions should be noted. And also that the proposal for infrastructure bonds was backed by the right-leaning New Zealand Initiative and voted for by the Greens and Labour. Strange times indeed.

…May 2016…Previous Government then Housing Minister Nick Smith…

The new position by the Labour opposition calling for an abolition of city limits has been welcomed by Building and Housing Minister Dr Nick Smith.

"This is a welcome repositioning by Labour. Tight city limits and not allowing intensification is at the core of Auckland's housing problems. It is limiting new housing developments, driving up section and house prices and encouraging land banking…[read more]

…November 2017…following New Zealand…housing affordability becoming dominant political issue in Australia…IPSOS poll…report by Matt Wade of The Sydney Morning Herald…

…The latest Ipsos Issues Monitor, which asks respondents to select the three most important issues facing the community, shows housing has jumped from sixth place in Victoria to second place since 2014.

In NSW, housing has topped the list of concerns for the past three quarters. Half of NSW respondents now rate housing as one of the nation's most important challenges compared with less than a third in 2014.

Other polls have drawn attention to the growing public unease about housing costs. An Essential Vision survey that asks respondents nationally to nominate the "three most important issues for government" shows housing affordability climbed from sixth ranking to second between 2014 and 2017…[read more]

Demographia In The News
Demographia Surveys - All Editions
Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey (Media Release) | Scoop News

Introduction Section - Message from Hugh Pavletich .

'My home country New Zealand is the global leader in dealing with political impediments, so that the supply of new affordable housing is restored.

The public conversation to restore affordable housing began in earnest early 2005, with the release of the 1st Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey.

Back in 2007, then Opposition Leader (now Sir) John Key made it clear within this interview that lack of land supply was the major problem.

This has been a near 14 year process of evolutionary change, with the engagement of the public and responsible media.

In turn this has pressured politicians to respond.

Public opinion is the driver, as increasing numbers of New Zealanders better understand the true costs of unnecessary politically induced housing inflation to themselves and their wider families.

The initial advocacy phase ran through to October 2012, with the major Government announcement to focus on land supply, infrastructure financing, process and construction costs.

Over recent years broader consensus ( more , more ) has taken place.

To illustrate further, just prior to Christmas 2017, Stephen Sellwood of Infrastructure New Zealand and Bill Evans of major builder Flatcher Living repeated again, that the focus must be on land supply and the appropriate debt financing of infrastructure.

We are now moving to the implementation phase, with a recent change to a centre - left Labour led reformist government.

Historically in New Zealand, Labour has been the political party of reform.

More extensive information is available at my archival website Performance Urban Planning. Note in particular the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern / Housing Minister Phil Twyford section near the top of the=is website, to better understand the new governments proposals to restore housing affordability.'

Inaugural New Zealand IPSOS Survey…

A recent survey on key issues concerning New Zealanders has shown that housing accessibility and affordability are at the forefront of people's minds.

The first of the quarterly New Zealand Issues Monitor reports, run by global market research company Ipsos, interviewed 610 respondents over the age of 16.

It sought to track what New Zealanders were concerned about, who is worried about what and which political parties are seen to be best able to improve matters. ... [read more]

The Salvation Army's casting doubts on the ability of government departments to deliver on the Kiwibuild affordable housing programme and is calling for establishment of an expert group to deliver the required houses.

A media statement from the Salvation Army said that "growing uncertainty" over whether Kiwibuild can "reignite the Kiwi dream" of homeownership needs to be countered.

"Recent reports from Treasury and The Chief Executive of New Zealand Certified Builders indicating the programme may not be able to deliver the housing required creates uncertainty for families who see Kiwibuild as their path to homeownership," the statement said…[read more]

Lessons from Greater Christchurch .

* Rolleston: Time to take it seriously
* Christchurch's $600 million motorways
* Christchurch's next problem: bringing residents back into the CBD
* Government 'locked in' to contract for delay-riddled east frame

Rodney Dickens says section prices are the key to solving the housing affordability problem, not higher density around transport hubs. He warns against force-feeding in areas that won't deliver the intended outcome ... Interest Co NZ

2018 Articles

Group 1

Govt can't grow house-building much faster than Nats did, Nick Smith says ... Michael Daly ... Stuff NZ
Housing Minister Phil Twyford says Ministry of Housing and Urban Development will help drive KiwiBuild and will be operational by the end of the year | interest.co.nz
Auckland business confidence in 'free fall' - Chamber of Commerce - NZ Herald
"Bank of Mum & Dad," Huge Prop under UK Housing Bubble, is Running Out of Liquidity ... Don Quijones ... Wolf Street
Sydney auction clearance rate plunges into 40s - MacroBusiness
RBNZ Governor backs sub-prime lending - MacroBusiness
Mortgage Measures | Central Bank of Ireland
A Deeper Dive Into Loan To Income Ratios . Martin North . DFA / Youtube
Mortgage rejections soar to 40% of applications as  (Loan to Income) LTI capped - MacroBusiness
The real ticking time bomb for the Tories is home ownership - Telegraph
Priti Patel - Wikipedia
Priti Patel: The Conservative party is retreating from the battle of ideas | PoliticsHome.com
Priti Patel: Conservatives no longer the party of meritocracy and have become lazy in the battle of ideas

Group 2

"Bank of Mum & Dad," Huge Prop under UK Housing Bubble, is Running Out of Liquidity ... Don Quijones ... Wolf Street
Reserve Bank Governor 'scared' by level of mortgage debt in NZ | Newshub
RBNZ Governor backs sub-prime lending - MacroBusiness
Reserve Bank Governor Adrian Orr says if the aim is to get more people into houses, it makes sense restrictions don't apply to KiwiBuild | interest.co.nz
Analysis of new mortgage lending shows that the slump in Auckland home sales has affected all types of buyers from people moving up the property ladder to investors and first home buyers | interest.co.nz
Christchurch cycleways to cost $252m as city council proposes delaying completion | Stuff.co.nz
NZ Initiative's Eric Crampton highlights the risk ratepayers have if local Councils get into financial trouble and says we all need to keep an eye on whether Council debt-funded projects make sense | interest.co.nz
Earning up to $10k a month, mum says 'unfair' to say she's rich | Susan Edmunds | Stuff.co.nz

Group 3

Opinion: Let the builders build - Kevin Atkinson of Generation Homes | Fairfax - Stuff.co.nz
Westpac economists say the stepping up of Kiwibuild activity will be even 'more gradual' than Treasury's forecasts that have been criticised by the Housing Minister | interest.co.nz
NEW ZEALAND: Salvation Army questions ability of government departments to handle the flagship house building plan; seeks establishment of group to deliver houses 'quickly and at affordable cost' | interest.co.nz
Sydney light rail: 'Horror story' of cost overruns and missed deadlines ... News Com Au
Second firm takes legal action over Sydney's 'disastrous' light rail ... Sydney Morning Herald
Twyford ignoring advice that buses will cost a third of light rail | Kiwiblog
Government to exercise 'caution' when deciding which private developments to underwrite as a part of KiwiBuild; Consultant says the real risk with the scheme is that not enough developers get on board | interest.co.nz

Group 4

John Armstrong: Labour's record so far on affordable housing builds is pathetic ... John Armstrong OPINION ... TVNZ Housing - New Zealand Labour Party
Westpac's (New Zealand CEO)  David McLean says flat house prices for 20-30 years would gradually correct housing unaffordability without igniting the 'economic carnage' a big price drop would cause | interest.co.nz
How come the container industry copes with growth but too many housing markets dont ? ... Hugh Pavletich
New Zealanders feel better about housing market (ASB Survey) | Fairfax - Stuff.co.nz
'Seriously we just go back to survival mode' - High living costs drive Kiwis back across the ditch ... TVNZ
Rents across New Zealand soar, hit new highs ... NZ Herald

Group 5

Rising numbers of non-New Zealanders are continuing to leave, pushing net migration down from high levels to an annual gain of 67,000 in April, down nearly 5000 from a year earlier | interest.co.nz
Despite all the talk of big public infrastructure projects, the construction industry seems to be in a downward track with significantly less concrete being poured in the first quarter of 2018 | interest.co.nz
More Auckland houses for sale, but fewer buyers | Newshub
Freddie Mac - Mortgage Rates Move Up to Highest Level in Seven Years
Japanese-style sleeping pods in central Auckland dismantled - Tess Nichol - NZ Herald
Budget 2018: The 'blathering' is almost over as Govt set to reveal spending plans - Audrey Young OPINION -  NZ Herald
NZ Government caves on housing affordability - MacroBusiness Australia
Housing Minister apologises for 'confusion' on price of KiwiBuild homes | Newshub

Group 6

NEW ZEALAND: There is nothing 'affordable' about Kiwibuild Housing Minister Twyford ... Hugh Pavletich
Kevin Atkinson: New ways of financing are needed to boost house building ... NZ Herald
KiwiBuild houses $50,000 more than Govt claimed - Judith Collins National Party | Scoop News
Can the cost of zoning in Sydney really be $489k per house ? ... Peter Tulip RBA speech ... YouTube
'National disgrace': cost of housing driving up child poverty rates | Australia news | The Guardian
Prefab construction 'no silver bullet': Calls for Budget to address housing, infrastructure - Anne Gibson -  NZ Herald
Garner says Kiwibuild a hoax ... Kiwiblog
  Housing through the decades, what is affordable? | Newshub
A generation of mortgage slaves: Auckland's house prices leave home owners mired in debt | Stuff.co.nz
Bank of mum and dad could be NZ's sixth largest first-home mortgage lender ... Rob Stock ... Stuff / Fairfax New Zealand

Group 7

Duncan Garner: If Twyford can't Phil us in on KiwiBuy/Build, who can? | Stuff.co.nz
Mortgages rejected with "unprecedented strictness" (really ?) - MacroBusiness Australia
Will KiwiBuild be another broken promise by the Government? | Newshub
'Seriously we just go back to survival mode' - High living costs drive Kiwis back across the ditch ... TVNZ
Government asks to buy developers' plans to contribute to KiwiBuild target ... Fairfax / Stuff NZ
UPDATE - New (IPSOS) survey reveals housing, poverty and healthcare most concern New Zealanders - NZ Herald
How state governments plundered house prices -  Leith van Onselen - MacroBusiness Australia
Lincoln (South fringe Christchurch) : From mill town to boom town ... John McCrone ... The Press
Housing and poverty biggest concerns for Kiwis - (IPSOS) survey - NZ Herald
NZ job ads fall 2.1 percent in April -ANZ Bank - Nasdaq.com

Group 8

Mortgages by Income Bands ... Martin North DFA ... YouTube
Union calls for Royal Commission into NZ banking practices | Scoop News
Kiwi vs Kangaroo: Are New Zealand banks different to scandal-hit Australian banks? | Stuff.co.nz
Kiwi banks must be transparent if they are to avoid Aussie parents' trust issues ... Patrick Smellie OPINION ... Fairfax / Stuff NZ
Is Australia's Housing Boom (Finally) Coming to an End? - WSJ
Number of troubled households seeking to refinance loans doubles | afr.com
Property 'Minksy moment' builds as ponzi-borrowers can't refinance - MacroBusiness
The scale of New Zealand's infrastructure deficit is 'massive' and can't be fixed without billions of dollars of private capital - Jason Walls takes a look at how the Government plans to woo investors | interest.co.nz
There's a new type of poverty hurting the middle class ... Sydney Morning Herald
A New Type Of Poverty Is Crushing The Middle Class | Zero Hedge
People in Transit-Rich Neighborhoods Don't Spend Less on Transportation ... CityLab

Group 9

Michael Bassett - Wikipedia
Dr Michael Bassett
What an ex-Labour Minister (Michael Bassett) really thinks about Jacinda Ardern's Government ... Noted
Home ownership for young families plummets across Britain as millennials are hit by housing crisis and forced into cramped rental properties ... UK Daily Mail
Close Of Business ... Australian Broadvasting Corporation
Australia 'paradise' for white-collar criminals, says ASIC chairman Greg Medcraft
Moral compass lost in sea of easy money ... Adele Ferguson ... Sydney Morning Herald
RBNZ Governor says differences between deposit insurance & minimum deposit not frozen in OBR scenario are 'technicalities', NZ banks searching for 'skeletons' against backdrop of Aussie Royal Commission | interest.co.nz

Group 10

ABC's The Business slams Australia's giant mortgage "control fraud" - MacroBusiness
AMP could face criminal charges for misleading ASIC, banking royal commission told - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
New type of poverty hurting middle class ... The Canberra Times
UBS: 'Liar loans' much worse than we thought - MacroBusiness
Banks dive as UBS raises home loan concerns ... Sydney Morning Herald
MLS Press Releases and Archive - HAR members - HAR.com
Why the affordable housing crisis is a mobility crisis, too - Curbed
The future Auckland market ... Barfoot & Thompson
CoreLogic: First-time buyers prefer houses ... OneRoof
Keeping a roof over my kids' heads is impossible ... Rachel Miller ... Fairfax / Stuff New Zealand
Auckland MÄori Housing Summit to focus on development opportunities | Voxy.co.nz

Group 11

Mortgage Measures | Central Bank of Ireland
Welcome to the "Australian finance crisis of 2018" - MacroBusiness
Housing Affordability Fires Up New Zealand's Voters - Bloomberg - 30 August 2017
The royal commission changed this week - from awful and dumb to utterly shocking - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Richard Florida - Wikipedia
The Global Housing Crisis ... Florida and Schneider ... CityLab
A generation of mortgage slaves: Auckland's house prices leave home owners mired in debt ... Helen King ... Stuff / Fairfax New Zealand
A home truth for the Tories: fix the housing crisis or lose power for ever ... The Spectator
John Healey (politician) - Wikipedia
Labour plans to make landowners sell to state for fraction of value | Politics | The Guardian
Britain's housing market is broken. Here's how Labour will fix it | John Healey | Opinion | The Guardian
Commonwealth Bank charged fees to dead clients, royal commission hears | Australia news | The Guardian
ANZ economists say the cost of building a new house has become more attractive relative to the cost of buying an existing one | interest.co.nz

Group 12

More proof Australia's housing market is broken: Dilapidated western Sydney terrace with cracked walls, rusty pipes and rooms strewn with rubbish sells for a staggering $1.4MILLION ... DAILY MAIL
Value of London flats slashed by Grenfell-style cladding | Society | The Guardian
Labour drop 5% in ONCB poll | Kiwiblog
The Minister of Transport Phil Twyford says there is a "great deal of interest" from private capital providers when it comes to investing in New Zealand's transport infrastructure - he is welcoming their interest | interest.co.nz
As Government signals big light rail spend, public transport concerns grow in US ... Michael Daly ... Stuff / Fairfax New Zealand
Governments backflipping worthy of gold - Judith Collins - NZ National Party
Record 64 million Americans live in multigenerational households | Pew Research Center
Brave New World? 64 Million Americans Live In Multi-Generational Households | Zero Hedge
New Zealand National Opposition Leader John Key on Housing Reform 2007 - YouTube
NZ Government Housing Affordability Announcement - 29 October 2012 - YouTube

Group 13

Labours Support On City Limits (Abolition) Welcomed ... Nick Smith (May 2016) ... (then) New Zealand Government
Speech from the throne pledges that Auckland's urban limit will be removed and density controls will be freed up in this term of Government | interest.co.nz
The Economic Implications Of Housing Supply - Edward Glaeser & Joseph Gyourko
The Effect of Zoning on Housing Prices ... Reserve Bank of Australia Discussion Paper
Rampant land inflation behind 300% increase in home prices - Leith van Onselen - MacroBusiness Australia
Housing in Queensland: affordability and preferences | APO
Pulte Homes Suburban Development Phoenix Arizona
South Auckland teacher commutes 180km a day because of housing costs ... Fairfax / Stuff
Rodney Dickens says section prices are the key to solving the housing affordability problem, not higher density around transport hubs. He warns against force-feeding in areas that won't deliver the intended outcome
Ardern and Twyford are betting their futures on voters backing their zealotry | Wayne Mapp | The Spinoff

Group 14

Sydney light rail contractor Acciona suing NSW Government; further delays to construction likely - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Auckland tram project to start in two years: Twyford - NZ Herald
Sydney light rail contractor Acciona suing NSW Government; further delays to construction likely - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Toronto Real Estate's Harsh New Reality: Buyer Beware ... Huffington Post
Planning racket delivers farmers massive windfall - MacroBusiness Australia (behind paywall)
Housing Minister supports UN call for housing strategy | Maori Television
Paul Keating - Wikipedia
AUSTRALIA ... Keating: "The housing boom is really over" - MacroBusiness Au

Group 15

National's Judith Collins says the likely small size of the dwellings in the new Unitec development housing area will put pressure on borrowers, as it means banks will require a larger deposit
United Nations calls on NZ to adopt human rights-based national housing strategy | Stuff.co.nz
Housing - New Zealand Labour Party
NZ Labour Government takes aim at property speculators - MacroBusiness Australia
Malcom McLean and Containerisation | Maersk Line - YouTube
The Power of Outsiders - Video - NYTimes.com
This Man Is the Father of Modern American Suburbia | Smithsonian
Why has a generation given up on having children? ... UK Telegraph
Zoning regulations adding hundreds of thousands dollars to price of new houses: RBA - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Group 16

Banking royal commission could spark credit crunch that drags down wider economy: analysts - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
ABC 7.30 Report does 'liar loans' and the interest-only time bomb - MacroBusiness
'They can see I've a gambling problem': Banks' lending practices laid bare at royal commision | Australia news | The Guardian
Investor caution and stretched housing affordability will prevent Auckland housing from taking off again, economists from country's biggest mortgage lender say | interest.co.nz
'Long and painful': Peter Costello's rate warning for households ... Sydney Morning Herald l
Australia's Greenspan moment arrives - MacroBusiness Australia
Inquiry. The Great British Housing Disaster (Adam Curtis, 1984) - YouTube
Mike Hosking: Memo, council planners - get your hands off my car - NZ Herald
The Daisy apartments: why did we do it? ... Mark Todd ... The Spinoff

Group 17

Royal Commission bombshells - great to watch, painful to receive ... Sydney Morning Herald
Housing Minister Phil Twyford is anticipating a significant chuck of the Government's KiwiBuild homes will be prefabricated and is anticipating bringing overseas companies to NZ to get the work done | interest.co.nz
Hobart's housing crisis: Australian and international 'fixes' up for discussion - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Banking royal commission: Whistleblower alleges cash for loans bribery ring at NAB - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
ABC 7.30 Report does 'liar loans' and the interest-only time bomb - MacroBusiness
Housing affordability out of sync with incomes ... SMH
Can first home buyers afford a million dollar house? | Stuff.co.nz
Robertson seeks investment community help for new ideas on funding infrastructure | The National Business Review
Ruling out greenbelt removes a key lever to resolving our housing crisis ... Ryan Bourne .  UK Telegraph
AUSTRALIA: RBA: Australia's housing planning system hopelessly broken - MacroBusiness

Group 18

Zoning regulations adding hundreds of thousands dollars to price of new houses: RBA - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Homebuyers are paying a heavy price for zoning restrictions: Reserve Bank ... Sydney Morning Herald
Christchurch: A Bureaucratically Buggered City | Scoop News
New report blames Cathedral Square and red zone delays on planning set up | Stuff.co.nz
Inquiry. The Great British Housing Disaster (Adam Curtis, 1984) - YouTube
Phil Twyford: The man tasked with fixing Auckland's housing woes - NZ Herald
AUSTRALIA: Housing risks 'catastrophic': Grattan Institute ... Sydney Morning Herald
NAB (National Australia Bank) tightens loan-to-income limits - MacroBusiness Australia
ABC's The Business does liar loans - MacroBusiness Australia
New Reserve Bank paper puts estimate of Auckland housing shortage far higher than previous RBNZ estimates; says if construction worker shortfall continues it will be 'difficult' to overcome the shortage | interest.co.nz
New National leader says there is a housing crisis in NZ | Radio New Zealand News

Group 19

"We Don't Belong Here Anymore" - Even Landlords Are Fleeing The Bay Area | Zero Hedge
Cycling through Homeless Camps on Santa Ana River Bike Trail in Orange County California - YouTube
Homeless People in Anaheim, California or Third World Country?
SMH readers reject Infrastructure Australia's Sardine Sydney vision - MacroBusiness
Sydney's housing affordability nightmare - MacroBusiness
Middle-income millennials priced out of homes market ... Institute of Fiscal Studies Report ... Financial Times
Tories fear middle-class millennials priced out of housing market could sink party at next election
Tories hire army of tweeters to take social media fight to Labour  ... UK Telegraph
The gorgeous photos of the derelict properties you still can't afford ... The Guardian
Real estate industry casts doubt on B.C.'s housing affordability plan - British Columbia - CBC News
A new wave of female employment is coming to the rescue of the Aussie economy
Dear Editor: 'The bottom line is that many women are stressed and overworked' - Independent.ie

Group 20

Housing Minister Phil Twyford says he's planning a workshopping event for representatives of the finance community and players in the development and construction sector to help crack NZ's problems around infrastructure financing | interest.co.nz
NAB (National Australia Bank) tightens loan-to-income limits - MacroBusiness Australia
Russell Lynch: If the Tories can't do housing, then what are they for? ... Evening Standard
Millenials property woes could see Corbyn IN POWER, PM warned | Politics | News | Express.co.uk
Middle-income millennials priced out of homes market ... Istitute of Giscal Studies Report ... Financial Times
Tories fear middle-class millennials priced out of housing market could sink party at next election
Phil Twyford backs 'right-wing, red meat' Judith Collins | Newshub
NZ Labour Government targets the property speculators - Leith van Onselen - MacroBusiness
Shortage of affordable houses continues, warns BNM (Malaysia Central Bank)  | Free Malaysia Today
Land prices hit record high amid supply shortfall across the country ... news com au
The cost of residential land in Australia is going through the roof | Business Insider
There is a danger in over-examining issues such as the housing market, rather than just rolling up sleeves and taking action ... David Hargreaves ... Interest Co NZ

Group 21

abolition auckland urban limits - Google Search
A 'stocktake' of the housing market commissioned by the Govt paints a 'sobering impact of the housing crisis, particularly on children', says Housing Minister Phil Twyford | interest.co.nz
Bill Gates just bought 25,000 acres in Arizona to build a new 'smart city' ... Business Insider
Pulte Homes Suburban Development Phoenix Arizona
Hagley Ave resident criticises Williams Corporation's planned Christchurch development for lack of car parking ... The Press Christchurch NZ
Hong Kong breaks record for 'severely unaffordable' housing ... Financial Times
China developers retreat from Hong Kong property market ... Financial Times
The landmines in Ardern's next 1000 days ... Bernard Hickey ... Newsroom
US$381 to rent a sofa bed and toilet: welcome to Hong Kong | Asia Times

Group 22

How Phil Twyford plans to address the renting crisis ... Stuff / Fairfax NZ
Affordable housing fears could hit supply of teachers - NZ Herald
Among U.S. Mayors, There's Widespread Concern About Housing Costs, BU Survey Finds | Bostonomix
Tauranga overtakes Auckland as most difficult market to buy property | Newshub
Housing affordability hits 'crisis' point in Tauranga | 1 NEWS NOW | TVNZ
Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey | Scoop News
Auckland housing: A foundation to build on - OPINION Bill Evans of Fletchers -  NZ Herald
Housing needs big investment in the future ... OPINION Stephen Sellwood of Infrastructure NZ ... NZ Herald
Poll shows local government has a reputation problem | The National Business Review
Public sector boss warns escalating CEO pay is 'not sustainable' | Stuff.co.nz
Why don't we have Boomtowns anymore? ... Brendon Harre ... Medium Com

Group 23

NZ's new housing minister lashes policy malfeasance - Leith van Onselen ... MacroBusiness Australia
'This is a social and economic disaster for the country' - Phil Twyford hits out over housing report | 1 NEWS NOW | TVNZ
Officials: Housing causes 'stark' inequality between young and old ... Stuff / Fairfax NZ
Cottage sells for $7.5 million in new record but number of pre - Christmas auctions decline ... nine com au
NZ housing minster lays out reform masterpiece - MacroBusiness Australia
Sydney has become the bane of Australia's property market | Your Mortgage Australia
The future of housing in New Zealand | Beehive.govt.nz






62% of all New Zealanders – 75% of young New Zealanders


New Zealand Government Affordable Housing Initiative

Deputy Prime Minister Hon Bill English - October 2012


Demographia International Housing Affordabililty Survey

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Japan.


Shlomo Angel: Making room for a planet of cities.



Dr Thomas Sowell

The Housing Boom and Bust


Nick Smith Appointed New Zealand Housing Minister


New Zealand Prime Minister John Key

Action On Affordable Housing
















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Christchurch: The Way Forward

Hugh Pavletich explains...



Bob Day slams Australia's housing policy failure - MacroBusiness Australia

Business Spectator Interview: Senator Bob Day



Sir Harold Evans




From Taranaki to Africa ... New Zealand Herald

Stephen Jennings Kenyan Speech



Inquiry. The Great British Housing Disaster


Bill & Alfred Levitt 'Creators of Community'


The Rise of Suburban Areas During 1950s